Collection: Gayini Nimmie Caira

The traditional home of the Nari Nari people, Gayini (Nimmie Caira) is an environmentally and culturally significant property on the Murrumbidgee floodplains, located between Hay and Balranald in NSW.

An important breeding ground for wildlife often referred to as the ‘Kakadu of the south’, since May 2018 Gayini has been the focus of an ambitious and collaborative wetlands restoration program. More than 2,000 cultural sites, including burial sites, middens and camp sites, have also been recorded on the property to date.

I had the rare pleasure of flying over this landscape after extensive flooding through the Murrumbidgee floodplains in a Cessna 172 single engine aircraft. The excessive water from the flooding has created these almost abstract landscapes. The pink colours you see in some of the imagery is a plant called Azolla, or commonly know as "Duck weed". It requires the warmer weather to grow. The greens are so lush due to all the fertile activity.

Gayini Nimmie Caira