Nerm - Port Phillip Bay -  Mud Island

Nerm - Port Phillip Bay - Mud Island

Port Phillip Bay, Mud Island in the middle of the bay is on Nerm country. You can see Melbourne city from the island. It's not much to look at from the ground apart from a muddy island & a couple of fisherman in their boats catching a feed.

As I've always said, once you change the perspective by jumping into an aircraft, the flat lay of the land & all it's abstractions are surreal.

We circled at approx 3500 feet AGL to the point that I started to feel nauseous, always a humour point for the pilot! The abundant bird life was there and you can see a flock of pelicans skimming the lagoons in one of the shots.

Photographing from an aircraft using a high resolution digital medium format camera allows you to capture these details, without disturbing the natural habitat. Un-like a drone/UAV they are very disruptive to the wildlife. 

I plan to head back to Mud Island to capture it from a higher altitude. I think it'd look amazing as a large wall art piece.




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