Creating large wall prints in Western Australia, The Kimberley.

Aerial Photography & Large Wall Prints

Landscape photography up around the Kimberley in Western Australia is always a challenge when photographing to create large wall prints. Wild fires, low level moisture, its a hit & miss. Rain, inclement weather, it all needs to align before you even hit the tarmac. When it all comes together, the magic happens!

We left Derby airport and was headed out towards Buccaneer Archipelago. I could see that there was a lot of smoke around, there was a wild fire burning, it was huge, the size of Melbourne. These wild fires out in these remote areas and the sizes in which they burn have to be seen to be believed, they're that big!

So after about 30 mins into the flight I called it with the pilot and we headed back, the bank left. Hopefully another day will yield better conditions. 

I'm still remaining optimistic at this stage, still snapping away ,thinking about how I'm going to adjust the levers in my RAW editor to make these images pop when they translate to a large wall print. With all the smoke around it's difficult. At this stage I had to salvage at least a few images as the cost to charter a flight per hour could get me to L.A & back! "Let's lower our altitude" It made a difference, not a huge difference bu none the less I still manage to pull a few frames out. 

Check out The Kimberley collection. Not all images are from this session. I thought I'd clarify as clearly there is no smoke in these image ;)

Large Wall art Canvases
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