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Australian Landscape Picture Framing

Our timber mouldings are made from locally sourced, sustainable Tasmanian Oak. The timber is milled, hand sanded and painted. All our frames are the shadowbox style, where the work is set back from the 3mm museum grade plexiglass for a very modern gallery look.

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Time to Fly

My inception to aerial photography was through a drone. I saw some rock pools on Sydney's northern beaches on Instagram/Facebook. I was mesmerised at the angle in which the landscape had been captured. I was stoked, I was discovering photography all over. I could go back and re-discover old locations, discover new locations that you wouldn't consider photographing from a horizontal perspective. I began to scour through google earth and look for colours and patterns. I was obsessed! DJI's Phantom 2 Vision was my first ever drone (UAV). It was revolutionary at the time. All though the camera on it sucked, it was still a way of capturing a different perspective at a fraction of the cost of chartering a manned...

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Broome, The Kimberley and beyond

Have you ever been to a place that has consistent weather, a place that you can have your own beach with not a soul for miles, a place where the waters are so blue you wonder if it is even real. The Pindan layered beaches that from the air look other worldly. The Kimberley, Western Australia is this place. I flew directly with Qantas from Melbourne to Broome, just under 4 hours, no transit in Perth, straight there baby! I went from 8 degrees, raining, cold and windy, to 37 degrees, sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Here I am, this pasty southerner dressed in jeans a jumper/jacket walking out on the tarmac and being hit in the...

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The Steady Rise Of Fine Art Photography

Historically, prices for fine art photography have tended to be much lower than those fetched by artists working in other medium, but that seems to be changing for some parts of this market, albeit pretty slowly. "Prices are definitely creeping up, but it's not a steep curve, more of a gradual slope," says Ben Burdett, owner of  ATLAS gallery, a London fine art photography gallery that has helped to build the photography collections of people such as Elton Johnand institutions such as the National Museum of Qatar and is currently exhibiting at Art Basel Miami Beach.

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The Art & Cost of Framing

Frames are the Cinderellas of the art world; they do a tremendous amount of work. They protect the artworks they support; they show off the qualities of a picture, drawing attention to its formal structure, its patterns and colours, enabling them to resonate fully with a viewer; they mould the response of the viewer to the work by suggesting the value we should attach to it; they accommodate a painting to its setting, acting as a liaison between the dream world of art and the decorative scheme of the museum, gallery or private home the work inhabits. They are partly furniture and partly sculpture. At their best, they are works of art, carved by the foremost sculptors of their day,...

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